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Welcome to our outdoor fans club - “Covacure”. We are committed to providing quality equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a green, amateur or professional outdoor sports fan, you can definitely pick a satisfactory outdoor gear in Covacure.
   The Camping Hammock is one of our hottest products in our store. It is the best choice for camping with the family on the mountain or in the wild. There are two sizes and colors meet all your needs. The green one which has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs is suitable for your kids and wife. And the black one which is 772 lbs is large and suitable for yourself. The most importantly, our covacure camping hammocks have a bug net can keeps you sleeping well all night.
   If you like hiking or trekking, you must need a covacure trekking poles. Multi-section folding, portable,  43" to 53" lenght, light and durable rubber head, that's our premium trekking poles.
   If you worry about how to pack your clothes and covacure hammock and trekking poles, there is a good advise for you - Covacure Camping Travel Backpack. made of high quality material, our backpack is lightweight, foldable, durable and water resistant.
    The popular covacure is not just for these products, we plan to provide more premium outdoors' products in the future to provide convenience for customers, so the first is the bike phone mount that the riders can use their phone conveniently and safely when they have to use phone while riding a bike.welcome to our store to learn more.